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Polarization: who is to blame? | Analysis

President Obama gave Vox an interview last month. In it, he blamed a lack of uniformity of facts and worldview as we had them 20 and 30 years ago on a “balkanization” of the media. He blamed Fox News and MSNBC for contributing to polarization, and technology, presumably the internet, for furthering it.  It has been reported that MSNBC is currently making changes to make the network less progressive. President Obama doesn’t watch cable news.

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Inequality and the end of #ISIS

There is a very strong case for calling ISIS a terrorist organization. However, unlike Al Qaeda, the people who founded ISIS built it on a foundation that is rooted on every last tenet of Islam. In fact, if we can accuse ISIS of anything, it is of being too punctilious in applying Islamic canon.  In this sense, ISIS is no different than the extreme of any religion. While Christianity ended its crusades a few hundred years ago, it isn’t implausible for Islam to now wage its own version. It is, after all, the youngest of the major religions. Continue reading Inequality and the end of #ISIS