Ferguson, Missouri’s Complicated History of Poverty and Racial Tension | The New Republic

You Can’t Understand Ferguson Without First Understanding These Three Things - Reflections from a former state senator from St. Louis


You can’t really understand Ferguson—the now-famous St. Louis suburb with a long history of white people sometimes maliciously, sometimes not, imposing their will on black people’s lives—unless you understand Kinloch. Continue reading

Maya Angelou: “Because if You Were Black You Never Felt Really Safe” | BillMoyers

The racial divide that exists in communities like Ferguson, Missouri, and the effect it has on the lived experience of white and black people, reminded us of a conversation from last week’s show in which poet Maya Angelou remembers how, as a little girl, she hated going to the white neighborhood in her hometown of Stamps, Arkansas, because she felt unsafe and unprotected there.

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Rev. William Barber’s electrifying speech at Netroots Nation 2014

| Daily Kos

Reverend William Barber visited Netroots Nation and provided an inspirational speech that electrified the entire room. Most importantly, Rev. Barber gave a history lesson on moral fusion movements. Rev. Barber described the moral fusion movement in the context of the first and second reconstruction. He is imploring the effecting of the third reconstruction.

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