#ThrowbackFridays: Dylan Ratigan’s “Network” moment, 08/09/2011 | MSNBC

Remember this? Yes, that’s Dylan Ratigan when he was still on the air on August 9th, 2011.

How much has changed for the better since then?

Thought so. Can we afford another Election 2010? No? A do-nothing Congress is what voter indifference got us.

Vote! Please.

  • Robert Galli

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  • irapm

    Educated voting is the only solution.
    We live in a nation of “individualists” one of whom might be goaded into irrevocable irrationality which makes me consider the soapbox too inviting a target for our President to mount.

    Our only real hope is to grit our teeth, bear the burden midterms may bring, and elect a woman/women in 2016.