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Dear readers,

Thanks to readers like you, since Blog#42 was established in July of 2014, my articles have been read nearly over 130,000 140,000 198,000 257,000 290,000 times. Please help me do better!

In the interest of full disclosure, I always intended to get back to my career as a writer and earn a living from it. I need to earn a living. At the moment, unfortunately, I am not. Jobs in the publishing industry are still vanishing, especially in our incredibly shrinking media.

I have given up trying to submit my writing to mainstream publications. I have stopped trying, not because I think what I write isn’t good enough, but out of the knowledge that there are thousands of out of work journalists and the feeling that my anti-establishment views are not welcome at this point in time. In fact, one my my most recent experiences with getting published in a well-known online publication still gets traffic, but management criticized my work the day after publication, even though they approved and published it. Whether the criticism was meant to elicit new, more toned-down submissions, I don’t know. All I know how to do is to write from the heart and document every claim I make. Consequently, I am now devoting what amounts to full-time hours to writing for my blog, and hoping to turn it into a viable business that employs other writers like me.

What is more American than starting your own business? My intent is to turn this blog into a full-fledged magazine focused on social justice and the new, post-Great Recession economy, with a small staff of writers and editors. My first big project will be to complete my Precariat series of articles, followed by the publication of an expanded version of the series in e-book format.

I established a GoFundMe a PayPal subscription account to raise funds to set Blog#42 on a path to commercial growth in 2016. My goals are to turn Blog#42 into a full-fledged enterprise and expand readership, license interesting content, hire an editor and invite guest writers to contribute their expert opinions on the topics covered on the blog.

Won’t you please help me reach my goal of raising $25,000 as Blog#42’s budget for 2016?

Thank you

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