Painting: Kerry Hallam

One of my favorite contemporary painters is Kerry Hallam. What I like about his art the most is the vivid color palette and the familiar scenes from my childhood in France. Please enjoy this selection of his amazing work and the emotion he put into each one.

About The #42 Blog

I’ve started and stopped a couple of blogs over the years. After a four-year break, here I am again, in the mood to write about the things that matter to me. This blog will be divided into a few sections:

– Education

– Health: primarily Diet, Epilepsy and the Ketogenic Diet, special diets (dairy, corn, gluten, and soy-free)

– Music: primarily Jazz

– Literature: primarily biographies and memoirs, but also pieces about the books that were influenced me in some way, over the years.

– My New York Times comments – and anything else that may catch my eye…

About me:

I suspended my career as a writer and technical editor of computer how-to books twelve years ago, to homeschool my daughter. She is now sixteen and about to begin her third year as a Fine Arts major at Cal State Fullerton. I have a strong interest in political science, philosophy (social ethics), and economics.  I am a huge fan of Jazz (Be-bop and Afro-Cuban).

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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