Jared Bernstein: 2013 #poverty and #income results: Rising tide lifts a few boats, but the levee needs work

By Jared Bernstein

September 16th, 2014

They’re out and I’ve got an extensive analysis up at PostEverything. For here, some highlights.

–The poverty rate fell more than I expected last year–down half-a-percentage point from 15% in 2012 to 14.5% in 2013. It was fully driven by a sharp decline in child poverty rate, which fell almost two percentage points, from 21.8% to 19.9%, the largest one-year decline since 1966.

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Jared Bernstein: Absent full employment or a bubble, middle class income and wealth will fall

By Jared Bernstein
September 15, 2014

Robert Samuelson covers some useful ground this morning, reviewing income and net worth trends from the recent Survey of Consumer Finances, a triennial (it comes out every three years) survey of family income and wealth. I wanted to add a few points regarding timing of the trends he cites.

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Ray Rice video prompts James Brown to speak out on domestic violence – CBS News

I’ve followed James Brown’s career since his days as a sportscaster on WUSA TV-9. He is a man of depth and erudition. His occasional pieces for the CBS News division reveal a multi-faceted, thoughtful news professional. I wish he were called upon to do more.

Anyway, here is his powerful message to men on domestic violence: Continue reading

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