A parent’s love, a parent’s great fear | #BlackLivesMatter

I will never forget the day unrelenting fear entered my life. It’s been almost nine years. I can still taste its metallic taste in my mouth. I can still hear the sounds that brought it on. I can still see the horror that unfolded that day and subsequent days. Continue reading A parent’s love, a parent’s great fear | #BlackLivesMatter

#Senate #GOP and #CivilRights: underlining the writing on the wall

The story of the name change of the Senate subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights during a week that wasn’t bustling with breaking news is particularly distressing. Continue reading #Senate #GOP and #CivilRights: underlining the writing on the wall

Engineering in #Preschool? | Education

I recently listened to a KPCC story about a new kind of preschool. I didn’t know it at the time, but my daughter was listening to the story with me and, as it turns out, was as bothered by it as I was, not because the toddlers in the story were learning about engineering, but because their preschool experience was only about it. Continue reading Engineering in #Preschool? | Education

[Updated] #BlackLivesMatter: Ivy League #college edition

In retrospect, asking the Black Lives Matter movement to halt its demonstrations was a huge mistake. The knee-jerk reaction to appease a grieving police force after the terrible murders of two NYPD police officers by a mentally-disturbed person, while well-meaning, was not well thought-out in the consequences it would have in New York City and the country as a whole. Continue reading [Updated] #BlackLivesMatter: Ivy League #college edition

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