Here Are 5 Takeaways From The Harper’s Anti-Clinton Story

By Sam Levine

October 19, 2014

In the November issue of Harper’s magazine, Doug Henwood argues that Hillary Clinton, if elected president, would do little to assuage liberals’ disappointment in President Barack Obama. This is how Henwood sums up the case for Hillary’s candidacy in 2016: “She has experience, she’s a woman, and it’s her turn.” But, he says, “it’s hard to find any political substance in her favor.”

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Rachel @Maddow: On #Ebola, it’s better to know than not to know

On Ebola, ‘It is better to know than to not know’
Rachel Maddow provides a detailed description of the pathology of Ebola, from the nitty-gritty of its symptoms to its development in a person over time, as a means to understanding the protocols for its handling and the likelihood of its spreading.

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