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So, our president had a comatose deer-in-the-headlights moment on the worst possible occasion at the most crucial time in modern times… Is that cause enough for us to lose our minds?

I don’t think so.

With the time we have left in the current electoral cycle, I would still rather get behind Biden than take a gamble on one of the popular governors at this point in time.

Here are some things, in no particular order, to keep in mind between now and November:

  • There’s hardly been a day on Fox News in which viewers’ racist sentiments, whether overt or latent, haven’t been stirred up on an hourly basis.
  • Democrats are just a tad less misogynistic and racist than independents and conservatives. Yes, yes… We did elect Barack Obama. It feels like a million years ago.
  • We elected an old man in 2020. We elected a much younger female former California Attorney General and U.S. Senator as his VP. As well-meaning as we might have been as a voting public, we KNEW the increased likelihood of facing some health crisis would be higher for Biden than with anyone else in the primary, and that includes Senator Bernie Sanders (who is older and in much better health and vigor).
  • 72% of Democrats think Biden shouldn’t be running. But he IS running. We are well past the primary stage. The time for this kind of scruple has passed.
  • Kamala Harris: While not my choice in 2020, she is STILL highly competent and would make a decidedly better choice than any Republican alive, MAGA or old-style.

Few are the prominent Democrats who’ve stuck their necks out in her defense from blatantly racist potshots during the Republican primary process and since her ascent as vice president. The fact that the media and punditry continue to speculate about who among other prominent Democrats would make for a good replacement – without so much of a mention of Harris (Hello? She IS right here, you know?)

  • With SCOTUS’ horrendous ruling on presidential immunity, Democrats need to stop it with the panicking, unite, and fully immerse themselves in an intensive campaign not only to win back the House of Representatives, but win BOTH houses in large enough majorities to pass much needed reforms to our Supreme Court and legal system before we find ourselves in a de jure religious theocracy. We are about a half inch from that now.

The writing’s been on the wall since 2016 – 2010, really – where this nation is headed, when it comes to the quality and strength of our democracy. We’ve been witness to the defilement of our federal legislature and the stacking of our judiciary by Mitch McConnell.

Pulling up a few thousand feet, we’ve also experienced, to a person, the gaping holes in a constitution that is hundreds of years old, written by men who couldn’t possibly have seen into our century and anticipated that we would end up with the narrow-mindedness and corruption to which we are now hostage. Our constitution is based, in large part, on the assumption that our leaders will always be of reasonable moral fiber. The U.S. Constitution wasn’t written with Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell in mind. What both of those men have in common is a most uncommon knack for gaming the system.

Biden having one terrible night is not an indication that he’s literally lost every last one of his marbles. He dealt effectively with hecklers during his State of the Union address:

He’s definitely still there enough to read a teleprompter…

Is Biden important? Absolutely. Is he all-important in the grand scheme of things? No. The election is.

Is Biden the only geriatric candidate with mental fitness issues? For heaven’s sake, watch Trump’s debate answers! While Biden was haltingly saying words, those words actually made sense when you read the transcript. Trump, on the other hand, said some pretty crazy shit. Presentation over actual content is not the way to assess this situation. America isn’t a TV show and we’re not fighting over ratings.

Biden is surrounded by a highly competent VP and an equally highly competent staff and cabinet. Looking beyond the day to day, Democrats have a huge cadre of highly accomplished leaders to draw from should, at some point after his second inauguration, Joe Biden withdraws from the scene.

Let’s get through this election in the knowledge that that, in the wings, a group of Democrats are at the ready to step in when the time comes.

There is only one priority at this point: making sure Trump never again sees the inside of the White House.

Note: It’s been a while since I’ve posted. You can read about why here.

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