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Orange County’s COVID-19 Disaster: Othena

As a caregiver in Tier 1b, I became eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine in January. I signed up on January 7th, when the Othena app became open to people in my category. Othena is the website and app used by Orange County’s health department to manage vaccinations for eligible populations.

Once Orange County began to offer vaccination at Orange County Fire Authority sites, I began the fruitless process of trying to get an appointment. I tried early in the mornings, middle of the night, and late at night – all to no avail.

As more populations became eligible, I thought, for sure, now, I will finally be able to sign up. Oh, but noooo! I tried right up until March 12th when I was able to obtain appointments outside of Othena.

I was vaccinated outside the county system in February and March. My husband and daughter became eligible on March 15th and they received their first shots on that day at CVS, which has proved to be the most organized of all the vaccine site options.

Today, April 15th, I received a text message from Orange County congratulating me on having become eligible for salvation. I followed the link and…

My Othena appointment
My Othena appointment


Orange County, apparently, is planning on dumping more money into Othena to use it as a vaccine passport?

You’re kidding, right?

4/16/2021 Addendum:

Yesterday, if you remember, the status gave me today and tomorrow as possible dates for vaccine appointments. Today, they’re not even offering possible dates into the future. I’m OK. I was able to get my vaccines arranged for some other way. What about other eligible patients who became eligible at the same time I did? This is rotten.


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