#BlackLivesMatter: Commemorating those who fell to American racism

This is a partial list of recent victims of racism in America. It was compiled with the help of my good friend Charlie. Please look through it and, if you know of anyone else who fell to the militarized racist police state, please give me a name, date, and location.

Thank you.

2014: Rumain Brisbon (Phoenix, Arizona)
2014: Tamir Rice
2014: Akai Gurley (Brooklyn, NY)
2014: Darrien Hunt (Saratoga Springs, Utah)
2014: Eric Garner (NY)
2014: Cameron Tillman
2014: Victor White III
2014: Dante Parker
2014: Ezell Ford
2014: VonDerrit Myers Jr.
2014: Laquan McDonald
2014: Michael Brown, (Ferguson, Missouri)
2014: Tyree Woodson
2014: John Crawford III, (Ohio)
2014: Qusean Whitten
2014: Miguel Benton
2014: Dillon McGee
2014: Diana Showman
2014: Levi Weaver
2014: Carey Smith-Viramontes
2014: Eric Garner
2014: Yvette Smith
2014: Jordan Baker
2014: Jeffrey Holden
2014: Qusean Whitten
2014: Karen Cifuentes
2014: Sergio Ramos
2014: Roshad McIntosh
2013: Barrington Williams
2013: Carlos Alcis
2013: Deion Fludd
2013: Jonathan Ferrell
2013: Kimani Gray
2013: Kyam Livingstone
2013: Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr.
2013: Miriam Carey
2012: Chavis Carter
2012: Dante Price (Dayton, OH)
2012: Duane Brown (New York, NY)
2012: Ervin Jefferson (Atlanta, GA)
2012: Jersey Green (Aurora, IL)
2012: Johnnnie Kamahi Warren
2012: Justin Slipp (New Orleans, LA)
2012: Kendrec McDade (Pasadena, CA)
2012: Malissa Williams (Cleveland, OH)
2012: Nehemiah Dillard (Gainesville, FL)
2012: Ramarley Graham (New York, NY)
2012: Raymond Allen (Galveston, TX)
2012: Rekia Boyd (Chicago, IL)
2012: Reynaldo Cuevas (New York, NY)
2012: Kenneth Smith AKA Kenn Ball (Cleveland, OH)
2012: Robert Dumas Jr (Cleveland, OH)
2012: Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr (Orange County, CA)
2012: Shantel Davis (New York, NY)
2012: Sharmel Edwards (Las Vegas, NV)
2012: Shereese Francis (New York, NY)
2012: Tamon Robinson (New York, NY)
2012: Timothy Russell (Cleveland, OH)
2012: Wendell Allen (New Orleans, LA)
2011: Alonzo Ashley (Denver, CO)
2011: Jimmell Cannon (Chicago, IL)
2011: Kenneth Chamberlain (White Plains, NY)
2011: Kenneth Harding (San Francisco, CA)
2011: Raheim Brown (Oakland, CA)
2011: Reginald Doucet (Los Angeles, CA)
2010: Aaron Campbell (Portland, OR)
2010: Eugene Ellison (Little Rock, AK)
2010: Aiyana Jones (Detroit, MI)
2010: Danroy Henry (Thornwood, NY)
2010: Ahjah Dixon (Corsicans, TX)
2010: Derrick Jones (Oakland, CA)
2010: Steven Eugene Washington (Los Angeles, CA)
2009: Kiwane Carrington (Champaign, IL)
2009: Oscar Grant (Oakland, CA)
2009: Shem Walker (New York)

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