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Maureen Dowd
Maureen Dowd

PRESIDENT OBAMA won big. So why did the moment feel so small?

At his victory scold in the State Dining Room on Thursday, the president who yearned to be transformational stood beneath an oil portrait of Abraham Lincoln and demanded . . . a farm bill. He also couldn’t resist taking a holier-than-thou tone toward his tail-between-their-legs Tea Party foes. He assumed his favorite role of the shining knight hectoring the benighted: Sir Lecturealot.

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Your hate has done nothing to help our country. Instead of focusing on those areas where President Obama could use some help answering tough questions and pushing for change, you have fallen in the same rut the far right is stuck in: blind hate for the black man and anything and everything he does do right.

President Obama was absolutely right to let Boehner hang by his own petard. He was absolutely right not to give in one inch on Cruz and De Mint’s extortion. He was absolutely right to let them go as far as they dared and allow them to earn the wrath of the general public. Then, when all was good again, he wasn’t professorial nor did he gloat. He was cool, calm, collected, and given how dire the situation was, quite matter of fact in pointing out the consequences of the GOP’s tactics.

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