The Rachel Maddow Show: Koch-backed AG helps hide chemical plant dangers | MSNBC

Wayne Slater, senior political writer for the Dallas Morning News, talks with Rachel Maddow about Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott allowing chemical plants to keep their contents secret, a move that benefits Koch Industries, and a campaign donor.

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 Blogger’s Note:

This 22-minute segment from Rachel Maddow is compelling and terrifying.

Why terrifying? Because the Kochs operate a slew of businesses, in different industries, in many states and Canada. How many other politicians do they have such cozy relationships with? At whose expense? Is anyone investigating?

Why is it that Democrats are unable to take something like this in Texas and other states and make an issue of it? Will they, this election season?

It  seems to me that, as strong as people’s allegiances might have been prior to learning the details of the explosion at West, Texas, those would end now that there is little doubt who comes first and how far Attorney General Abbott is willing to go to suppress facts that impact their very lives.

The lack of focus on the part of national Democrats is maddening. Someone should be coordinating and focusing voter attention and engagement on these issues locally and nationally, just like they did when Wendy Davis ran her filibuster. Where has the political capital she earned gone?

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