#GOP’er #Tillis: #Dems ‘Redistributed’ Trillions On ‘De Facto #Reparations’


That argument by Tillis, who is running to replace Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC), came during an explanation he offered on his website for why he supported a joint resolution expressing the North Carolina general assembly’s regret for slavery. In his explanation for voting for it he tried to rebuff the idea that supporting that resolution would be a “slippery slope to reparations.”

“This resolution acknowledges past mistakes and frees us to move on,” Tillis wrote. “The following summarizes my perspective on concerns raised by some citizens who criticized the decision to support the resolution.”

Tillis then went on to accuse a “subset of the democrat majority” that’s kept pushing reparations. He warned that that subset would continue to do so as long as they are in the majority. Republicans took control of the General Assembly, for the first time in a century, in 2010.

“This measure does not obligate legislative members to provide reparations. A subset of the democrat [sic] majority has never ceased to propose legislation that is de facto reparations and they will continue to do so as long as they are in the majority,” Tillis said. “Federal and State [sic] governments have redistributed trillions of dollars of wealth over the years by funding programs that are at least in part driven by their belief that we should provide additional reparations.”

“I believe there are several conservative democrats who are prepared join Republican in OPPOSITION to measures that propose new entitlements and reparations,” Tillis added. “However, a vote against the resolution would most likely eliminate any chance that we would get support from more conservative members of the democrat party members to oppose such measures.”

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Blogger’s note:

The flagrant and shameless nature of North Carolina Republicans in displaying and expressing their racism has reached new heights. This curated mashup of three articles provides current, historical, and parallel context.

For a full account of Tillis’ actions to block the recommendation of North Carolina’s nonpartisan commission that the state legislature officially apologize for the 1898 massacre of 25 black residents, read this Mother Jones article.

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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The group dedicated to winning a Republican U.S. Senate majority in November says it’s more than doubling its investment supporting North Carolina GOP nominee Thom Tillis’ campaign to unseat Democrat Kay Hagan.

In what’s already considered the most expensive race in the nation, the National Republican Senatorial Committee said Monday it’s authorized spending another $6 million on ads in the final three weeks of the election. A spokesman for the NRSC’s independent expenditure arm didn’t disclose when TV ads would begin but said they would air statewide.

Both major-party candidates and their allies have turned up the volume on airwave campaigning. Hagan has unveiled three TV and radio ads since late last week.

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