@MichaelEDyson to #Giuliani: It’s ‘the defense mechanism of #whitesupremacy in your mind’

Professor Michael Eric Dyson was in rare form today and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani got his just desserts, in the most spectacular way. Watch:


Raw Story: Michael Eric Dyson exposes Giuliani: It’s ‘the defense mechanism of white supremacy in your mind’


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) is more focused on “black on black” crimes than police violence against African-Americans because of the “defense mechanism of white supremacy at work” in his mind, according to Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson.

Ahead of an anticipated grand jury decision on whether or not to charge Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson with the murder of Michael Brown, Giuliani told a panel on

“I would like to see the attention paid to that, that you are paying to this,” the former mayor told Dyson and NAACP President and Brown family attorney Anthony Gray.

“First of all, most black people who commit crimes against other black people go to jail,” Dyson pointed out. “Number two, they are not sworn by the police department as an agent of the state to uphold the law. So in both cases, that’s a false equivalency that the mayor has drawn, which has exacerbated tensions that are deeply imbedded in American culture.”

“Black people who kill black people go to jail,” he added. “White people who are policemen who kill black people do not go to jail. If a jury can indict a ham sandwich, why is it taking so long?”

“It is the reason for the heavy police presence in the black community,” Giuliani replied. “What about the poor black child that is killed by another black child? Why aren’t you protesting?”

“Those people go to jail. I do protest it, I’m a minister. They go to jail,” Dyson shot back. “Why don’t you talk about the way in which white policemen undercut the abilities of Americans to live?”

“How about you reduce crime?” Giuliani grumbled. “And then the white police officers won’t be there if you weren’t killing each other 70 to 75 percent of the time.”

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