Romney: Don’t Rule Out Sending U.S. Troops To Fight Islamic State

Christina Wilkie
November 16. 2016

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney on Sunday said the United States must remain open to sending U.S. troops to battle the Islamic State, something President Barack Obama has repeatedly assured the public will not happen.

Speaking on CBS “Face the Nation,” the former Republican presidential nominee criticized Obama’s Middle East policy, saying the United States should have kept “American troops standing by in Iraq,” and armed moderate rebel factions in Syria, “so they would able to keep something like ISIS from being formed.”

Romney’s comments followed the release of a video early Sunday that appears to show a third American citizen who was executed by the militant group. The victim is believed to be aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig, who was kidnapped by the Islamic State, also called ISIS, in October of 2013. […]

Blogger’s comment:

Aren’t we all glad we didn’t elect a president whose sensibilities and logic would lead to providing ISIS with more Americans to behead?

 Don’t stay home next time. Vote!

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