No such thing as a happy accident, Valerie Jarrett edition

The New York Post reports that, apparently, we have Valerie Jarrett to thank for what may turn out to be Hillary Clinton’s second defeat. President Obama’s senior adviser is said to have leaked the Hillary Email story and initiated not one, but six separate investigations of Mrs. Clinton’s conduct during her tenure at State:

Obama adviser behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

“Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett leaked to the press details of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail address during her time as secretary of state, sources tell me.” [Snip]

“Six separate probes into Hillary’s performance have been ­going on at the State Department. I’m told that the e-mail scandal was timed to come out just as Hillary was on the verge of formally announcing that she was running for president — and that there’s more to come.”

According to the Post piece Jarrett never forgot:

“Last fall, during the run-up to the 2014 midterm elections, Jarrett was heard to complain bitterly that the Clintons were turning congressmen, senators, governors and grass-root party members against Obama by portraying him as an unpopular president who was an albatross around the neck of the party.

Jarrett was said to be livid that most Democrats running for election refused to be seen campaigning with the president.”

If any and all of this is true, this is a plot twist that even Shonda Rhimes didn’t think of. We can thank Mrs. Jarrett for saving us from plunging any further into a plutocracy. Mrs. Clinton, who is no Progressive, surely would have nominated the very people we fought hard to keep from high office. Remember when Larry Summers was about to be confirmed as Chair of the Fed? I can imagine Hillary would nominate him to run Treasury.

We can do better. We have honest people who are qualified and will clean up the rot we’ve allowed to proliferate. For that, though, we need to stay informed, keep a high level of interest in our politics, and we need to vote at local, state, and national primaries, as well as mid-term and presidential elections. We got here because we stopped paying attention.

Curated from The New York Post.


2 thoughts on “No such thing as a happy accident, Valerie Jarrett edition”

  1. Oh, I don’t know. I’d be a bit more skeptical of a New York Post “exclusive” story with no named sources.

    1. Wrong – nothing hidden in the Post. Right Rima? We wouldn’t want your Friends of Rima or Hillary to think this was just a trial balloon. Edward Klein wrote Blood Feud about Clinton/Obama political relationship. Klein is the author of this Jarrett article at NYPost. Says Jarrett contacted Klein. Hillary has met her match with Ms. V. I suggest everyone read the short book.

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