#Racism according to Mika and the #MorningJoe crew…

Morning Joe had quite the discussion on the racist chants of the University of Oklahoma SAE frat boys and the only conclusion they were able to come up with is that it must be the fault of those awful Black rappers. Rappers like Waka Flocka Flame is where these impressionable frat boys found their racism. Rap made them do it.

That Mika, Joe, and Billy Kristol just couldn’t resist opining on a culture whose history they know absolutely nothing about, except that they don’t like it, was bad enough. Billy Kristol even anointed Willie Geist as Morning Joe’s expert on Gangster Rap. It’s too bad he didn’t listen to what Geist was trying to inform them of. Watch:

Nothing Geist told them slowed them down. After the show was over and some things hit the fan, Mika Brzezinski went on MSNBC’s The Cycle to deny that she and the rest of the Morning Joe gang blamed rap for the SAE boys’ racism. It takes some nerve, after being so long-winded and explicit, to just walk it back… Watch:

Those boys’ racism is a reflection of them. That in their late teens, they chose to repeat chants they knew are hateful is a reflection of their nature, not any rapper’s lyrics. That the boys would blame drinking alcohol for their behavior also goes to show that they’ve not learned at home or anywhere else that, when one is wrong, one takes responsibility. For so-called journalists to sit there and indulge the worst of white privilege and blame the intended targets of racism for the frats’ behavior is a racist tactic we now see employed everywhere, in the Eric Garner case, Ferguson and Mike Brown, and even in the Tamir Rice case, with the 12 year old being blamed for his own death.

This was not a proud day for MSNBC or for the entertainers on Morning Joe. Their ignorance and racism were on full display.

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