Moonface ~ Cushing’s Syndrome | Blog#42

Cushing’s Syndrome

Toes tingly and numb
Foot swollen
Ankle stiff
Calves cramping
Thighs numb
Legs thin as sticks, heavy as lead
Belly distented
Adrenal tumor growing
Heart racing
Breasts ample
Upper arms, thick
Neck and cheeks hirsute
Eyes blurry,
Feelings blue, and a
Face round as the moon

Cushing’s Syndrome definition


2 thoughts on “Moonface ~ Cushing’s Syndrome | Blog#42”

  1. Re: Cushing’s Disease, my dog (10-year-old spayed female rat terrier) was diagnosed 3 years ago with Cushing’s Disease. The web says that Cushing’s in dogs is cause 85% of the time by a benign tumor on the pituitary. Has this possibility been ruled out in your case? Since then, she has been on a twice-daily dose of trilostane which has stabilized her cortisol levels (as judged by the IDEXX ACTH Stim Test, Cortisol 2) and returned her to essentially normal appearance and behavior. Keep up the Progressive Cause. The country needs you and yours desperately now!

    1. Hi, Robert! Thank you so much for writing. This is my second bout with Cushing’s. The first adrenal adenoma was on my left adrenal gland. It was quite large when it was diagnosed, at almost 7cm. It was removed with a portion of the gland, then resectioned when it regrew. I have another adenoma, on the remaining gland on the right. There is no sign of a pituitary adenoma. In my case, the only treatment is removal. At that point, I will have Addison’s Disease and will depend on steroids. The doctors are tracking the adenoma’s progress… As far as the cause, as long as I breathe… I’ve been writing a lot more here, now that I have more time, and I’ve been submitting essays for publication. I plan on making opinion-writing my second (or third) career… 🙂 Thanks again for writing!

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