Undercover cop chases and grabs teen in Manhattan – NY Daily News | #BlackWomensLivesMatter

This is what boys and girls of color of all ages know they risk having to endure. This girl may well have escaped the fate of Kalief Browder, thanks to a group of courageous, caring women in her community. This is not a new phenomenon. It is an illustration of the power and mentality of a rogue police state. The race of the officer is beside the point. As has been shown in many other situations and environments, when it comes to behavior and subconscious bias, minorities are affected just as whites are. Cooperation on the part of the oppressed is not unknown as phenomena go. Blacks within an institution, do at times cooperate with the ingrained system of institutional racism.

Undercover cop chases and grabs teen in Manhattan

A dramatic and disturbing video shows an undercover cop going after a 14-year-old girl repeatedly in upper Manhattan as onlookers demand the officer leave the teen alone.

In the video, the cop violently grabs the girl, but a woman rips the teen away from him and browbeats him until he and his partner leave.

“You know you’re doing wrong. Go home!” the unidentified woman yells.

The video was shot by Michael Barber, 24, a member of the activist group Copwatch Patrol Unit, on May 14 in Washington Heights near 140th St. and Hamilton Pl.

He said the action started about 10 minutes earlier when the undercover cop and his partner stopped a group of girls as they walked down the street and one officer singled out one of the girls.

“I was thinking, ‘Wow, this is crazy,’ ” Barber said. “As soon as he jumped out of the car he grabbed her. He just had his hands on her.”

His video starts with the cop grabbing a second girl’s wrist and leading her to his car, where the first teen waiting. When the girls try to leave, he calls them back.

A witness recorded a video showing the undercover cop chasing the teen. Other witnesses demanded that the cop leave the girl alone.

The unidentified woman demands to know the officers’ names, but they don’t tell her. Barber can be heard in the recording telling the woman that the officers are required to give their names.

The woman then urges one of the teens to ask one of the cops, who gets back into his car, for his name as he questions her.

The teen, standing outside the cop’s car, accuses him of putting his hands on her, despite her age.

“I did not do nothing and you came and touched me,” she says.

The cop suddenly jumps out of his vehicle and lunges toward her, trying to grab her as she repeatedly tells him not to put his hands on her. Then the cop is seen pushing the girl toward a parked minivan as onlookers yell at the officers to leave her alone and try to pull her away. […]


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