American media should not blame #TamirRice for his own death |Blog#42

Another Saturday brings another flurry of activity in the Tamir Rice case, including blatantly racist reporting.Aside from yet another Saturday timing for the release of information regarding a police shooting, by way of the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s investigation of the Tamir Rice shooting, there is also the crass to outright racist media headlines to announce it.

Here are a few screenshots:TimeTweetTamirRice

While I understand that news outlets rely on news services for some of their reporting, they do have the discretion to alter headlines appropriately, or use another outlet’s report. This was not the case for Time’s reporting of the release of information in the Rice case. Time editors didn’t care enough to avoid giving the impression that it is implying a¬†child was¬†responsible for his own killing by police. This is utterly disgusting and unethical. Here is the piece they published:


How is that the appropriate way to report on the release of much awaited information in a police brutality case?

Again, thanks to activist Deray McKesson’s invaluable work on Twitter, here is a screenshot of a local news report. While the headline is more appropriate than Time magazine’s the focus of the content is a wholly different matter:


Mother Jones’ reporting, by far, is appropriate in tone and focus:

We *need* to be able to count on bias-free, factual reporting. We *need* to be able to assume that media organizations are following the strictest in ethical reporting. It is a generally accepted view that we don’t kill children. It follows that we don’t blame children for their death at the hands of unscrupulous police officers. “We” includes members of the media.

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