Answering an #NYT reader on Millennials being as racist as their parents | #Statistics on Blog#42

A New York Times reader asked this in a comment on Paul Krugman’s op-ed “Slavery’s Long Shadow:” 


Millennials are just about as racist as their parents


April 7, 2015

“… The Christian Science Monitor went so far as to ask, “Are millennials racist?”

Surely not all millennials are racist, but data can address a key related question: Are white millennials less racially prejudiced than past generations?

We took a look at five measures of racial prejudice from the General Social Survey conducted by NORC‘s 2010, 2012 and 2014 waves. Among many other questions, the survey asked respondents to rate whites and blacks on a scale from being “hardworking” to “lazy.” Using this data, we can categorize respondents into whether they rated whites or blacks as being lazier, more hardworking or the same. […]

Baby Boomers stick out as the more revolutionary generation, at least compared to the Silent Generation that immediately preceded it (and was born before 1946). Boomers are between 8 and 17 points less apt than the Silent Generation to express openly prejudiced views toward blacks, amounting to the greatest shift from one generation to the next. Xers are less prejudiced than Boomers on just one of five measures, interracial marriage.

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  1. Hard to believe my “Silent Generation” is such a bastion of bigotry! Thankfully, I escaped that disgusting mindset.

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