Faced with homegrown white supremacy, Lindsey Graham still won’t own it | #Racism on Blog#42

As reported in a previous post, Lindsey Graham initially issued a proper statement on Charleston. He should have stopped there.

Later that day, however, the Senator was unable to resist the urge and, based on information provided by his niece, went as far as to declare the white supremacist shooter free of racism because, well, it surely couldn’t be one of us.

Now, we are treated to yet another facet of the Senator’s racism in a reaction that is typically Caucasian-American, when faced with a truth that can’t be escaped:

“I don’t know how you can sit with somebody for an hour in a church and pray with them and get up and shoot them,” he said. “That’s Mideast hate. That’s something I didn’t think we had here but apparently we do.”

Yes, indeed! We do! And, if we’re honest with ourselves, Senator Graham, we’ve never been better than anyone else. In fact, ISIS has nothing new on us.

If only you could wrap your head around that and work from there!

Lindsey Graham: Charleston Shooter Showed ‘Mideast Hate’ (VIDEO)

Republican presidential candidate and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Wednesday appeared to compare the white gunman who killed nine people last week at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina with Islamic radicals.

2 thoughts on “Faced with homegrown white supremacy, Lindsey Graham still won’t own it | #Racism on Blog#42”

  1. Ah. The first time I read it, “Mideast” registered as “Virginia,” or maybe “Maryland.” I thought it was a slur on racists in the north. I guess he meant to say “Middle East”. Freudian slip?

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