Jeb! just can’t call the #CharlestonMassacre a #racist hate crime | #BlackLivesMatter on Blog#42

Jeb! Bush, in an interview with the Huffington Post still doesn’t know *IF* this was a hate crime? If?

We are barely on the second day since the Charleston Massacre by a white supremacist who, as he began his evil deed, told his victims precisely what motivated the actions he was about to take.

What about “You rape our women, and you’re taking over the country. And you have to go.” is an if? What about Roof’s former roommate’s  testimony to the media is iffy?

Bush’ stance is consistent with Senator Lindsey Graham‘s and many others who have called this heinous act everything but what it is. This behavior whereby the person takes an event and minimizes it or morphs it into something it isn’t, is called reductionism.  That behavior, in this case, is racist.

Because of the way it has been positioning itself since 2010, the GOP is no longer able to even concede, out of any kind of human decency, that a senseless mass-murder is racist, even as the murderer himself told his victims as he butchered them.

Bush and his cohorts would rather engage in verbal contortions rather than say nothing or tell the truth,


Jeb Bush: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Charleston Shooting Was Racially Motivated

JUNE 19, 2015

As more becomes clear about the motives of the man believed to be behind the Charleston church shooting, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was hesitant to connect Dylann Storm Roof’s alleged actions to any racial prejudice.

When asked about whether he thought the attack was racially motivated, Bush told a Huffington Post reporter, “It was a horrific act and I don’t know what the background of it is, but it was an act of hatred.”

When pressed again about whether race motivated the attacks, Bush said, “I don’t know. Looks like to me it was, but we’ll find out all the information. It’s clear it was an act of raw hatred, for sure. Nine people lost their lives, and they were African-American. You can judge what it is.” […]

“I don’t know what was on the mind or the heart of the man who committed these atrocious crimes,” Bush said in his remarks. “But I do know what was in the heart of the victims.”

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4 thoughts on “Jeb! just can’t call the #CharlestonMassacre a #racist hate crime | #BlackLivesMatter on Blog#42”

  1. The Sanders campaign sent an email to subscribers calling the massacre an act of terrorism. He concluded the message with a link to the church to receive donations. Nary a Sanders contribution request in this email.

    This time voters have a clear choice.

    1. Out of a sea of candidates, there really is only one who does what one would normally expect, console victims and dedicate his statement only to the one act, and not ask for money.

      He’s the only mensch in the pack. I think people are seeing that. My next blog post is on Hillary Clinton’s statement.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. There have been 3 Republican governors since Reconstruction in South Carolina. Can you please tell me why from /976 to 1975 not one Democratic governor removed it?
    Can you tell me why Democtratic governors governors flew the flag during the Civil Rights era?
    Can you tell me why Democratic presidents Wilson, FDR, Truman, Johnson, Kennedy did not demand it’s removal?
    To make the comment about Republican candidates accepting contributions from white sipremacists was inexcusable
    You chastised for for a “racially tinged” comment and you wrote that? Those people dug deep and could find it in their heart to forgive him and you wrote that? Do you think it matters to the people? Why don’t you ask them or would it be asking too much tl let them begin the process of healing?
    Can you tell me what Khalid Abdul Muhammed meant on his 1993?speech “whites must die?”
    By all means comment
    Since your love Mother Jones so much why don’t you read their information on mass murderers from 1982-2013 and comment on that
    113,000 tweets? Wow. You have nothing to say to me. Period

    1. Mr. Kurnold,

      What a surprise after you swore off commenting on my site, ever… to defend a white supremacist, no less… And you say you’re not racist?

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