White support for #RachelDolezal is racist | #Transracial on Blog#42

If the New York Times comment section is a microcosm of America, then the reasons why a preponderance of readers who’ve made these the top comments, so far, are racist in nature:


After reading an entire op-ed that goes through, in painstaking historical and logical detail, why one can’t simply choose to swap out who they were born as at birth, something that has never been debated as even possible, they… do!

In her recent op-ed proposing the capitalization of the word Black when it is used to refer to a person, Lori Tharps was met with the same kind of opposition, with commenters conjuring up all kinds of unrelated biological, anthropological, and grammatical distortions to negate her points and deny the simple courtesy of capitalizing a word when it is used as a proper noun.

Which leads me to think that, for at least half the readership that is engaged in the paper’s comment section, the knee-jerk instinct is to oppose a Black author for the sake of denying them legitimacy, even when that denial defies all logic or flies against their beliefs in every other situation. This isn’t just being contrarian, it’s racist.

Then, this gem arrived in my blog’s inbox:


I am told that person is really A. D. Powell who is known to troll blogs.

While this state of affairs makes me very sad, my determination to keep writing and fighting for change remains unchanged.

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  1. Visiting an old friend in Portland, Maine a few years ago, we saw this painting by Watrous in the art museum. I has haunted me ever since. I just found this very good blog post by a person equally moved …..


    It is a draconian suggestion, but perhaps we should all be required to undergo DNA analysis …and learn that we ALL share “drops!” It would be nice to think it would put divisiveness said. But, we would come up with something else …remember the Irish.

    1. You know how loudly Libertarians would scream… 🙂 We need to fundamentally change what we teach from Pre-K through college.

      That is where the real problem is. We perpetuate white supremacy by withholding the truth in our history and science.

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