Look at me | #Writing about #race on Blog#42

Look at me.
I mean, get really close and look.
I don’t fit into your book?
But you see
I have no book
In spite of the way I look

I am neither white, nor brown, or Black
Too brown
Not brown enough
To whites, not white enough
White to  everyone else
But other to all
I am all and I am nothing

An Ay-Rab to one uncle
To another, too much of a Jew

My grievances?
Criticized, minimized
My thoughts?
Reduced as invalid
Derided as of the privileged
My affection?
Pushed away
My pain
What pain?

Look at me!
Really look at me.
See me?

8 thoughts on “Look at me | #Writing about #race on Blog#42”

  1. Rima, I just came in and went to my Gmail to see if my comment at Charles Blow has been accepted. Not yet. But I got a greater reward. There was a Tweet to me, not a Tweeter although I do have an account. That led me Blog#42 and the statement that fits my own NYT Logo perfectly: IMWHOIM. I wrote in my submission that today I would revive my blog by posting notes on Charles Blow and the comments there. I was also going to write to all of my commenter connections and recommend that they submit at CB.

    I will be using your “Look At Me” and I think I will use it in an Email to Professor Dorothy Roberts. I am awaiting a Skype from my daughter in America (my dual citizen daughter) so this is all for now.

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