Out of the ashes… rises a Trump? | #ScottWalker quits on Blog#42

Original Phoenix Rising image, h/t Deviant Art
Phoenix Rising, h/t Deviant Art

A couple of weeks back, in one of my New York Times comments, I wrote the following about Trump and the Kochs. While I didn’t mention Scott Walker, I implied that the phoenix was Walker.

It is thanks to the efforts of those who promoted the concept of Citizens United and then went on to disrupt the function of government that we now have Trump, Bush, Walker, Santorum, Huckabee, Paul and all the rest. The plutocrats wreaked chaos upon our political system through the Heritage Institute and ALEC. Each of these candidates represents different facets of racism, sexism, ignorance, patriarchy and oligarchy. This entire clown car represents the risks of sowing chaos in order to gain control. From the ashes they expected a beautiful phoenix to rise. Instead, they got trumped by a Trump…

Trump has disturbed a great many things in this primary season. One of them is the pecking order that the Kochs and their fellow oligarchs fully expected to foist on their loyal base. But, if you know your Pinky and The Brain story lines well, something always happens so that Pinky always begins the show with “What are we going to do tonight, Brain? Same thing we do every night, Pinky! Try to take over the world!”

The Kochs have a lot invested in Walker and they won’t relinquish all they’ve worked for all these years to Jeb! Bush. But, in the face of the upset by Trump, what’s a Koch to do? Well, one way to control the damage is to thin out the top of the herd so one candidate appears to be more formidable against Trump. No one seriously expects either Fiorina or Carson to remain in the number two spot for very long. Who knows? With more coaching and memorization, Jeb! may start performing better in his public appearances. As for the GOP voter base? Who knows? A more merciless and racist-sounding Jeb! could appeal?

As I’ve been writing in my comments… All this Trump, Jeb!, Carson, Fiorina talk isn’t serious. None of these contenders have a chance in a general election, starting with the fact that even if hell were to freeze over, neither would win over the minority vote. It is a fact that no presidential candidate can win without it.

Back to regularly scheduled programming, and kvetching about the media’s continued mistreatment of Bernie Sanders and the lack of serious analyses of his policy proposals, and absolutely no comparisons to Hillary Clinton’s. Substance that matters to left-leaning voters continues to be withheld. We all know why.

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