Like my posts? Blog#42 needs your support!

Thanks to you, Blog#42 exceeded what I expected. Now, I want to do even more!

It’s been about 15 months since I restarted my blog and the effort has been successful. To date, my individual pieces have been viewed over 98,400 times. I am confident that I will meet my goal of surpassing the 100,000 mark before the end of October. I’d previously hoped to make the milestone by the end of the year.

The Google AdSense ads you see on the site bring in just enough to pay for the cost of registering the site and using better editing tools. It takes roughly six months to earn $100 in ad revenue.

Getting the word out, in the glut of news sites is an exceedingly difficult task. Many of you are regular readers who follow me on social media and, without your help sharing my links, the blog wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

I’ve been hard at work writing the analysis pieces you’ve been reading this past year. I not only plan on continuing to cover Election 2016, but want to expand it a great deal. I will soon be publishing a long-read based on interviews with well-known public intellectuals on a hot-button issue of our day. I plan to do more of these kinds of reports. They are labor-intensive. I would love to be able to invite guest-bloggers (and pay them too), to contribute their content on days I am working on longer pieces. Your contributions would make that possible and help a writer earn a living, too!

I’ve run a few experiments using my limited funds to see how much more reach I can get by promoting posts. Just $20 to promote one story gave me access to 15,000 people I could never otherwise reach. In order to grow, I need to invest a bit in advertising.

Like Bernie Sanders, I am looking for small donations. $2 and $5 donations a month by hundreds of readers would go a very long way. In these hard economic times, I cannot imagine asking for much more. So, if you can, would you please consider contributing a small amount?

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Thank you!

Rima Regas

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