Not a registered #Dem in #NY and want to #vote for #BernieSanders? You have 2 days to register! | Blog#42

I received a panic email from a Times reader about voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary. The email reads as follows:


So, I asked around and, indeed, there is a concern among grassroots groups that information is deliberately not being disseminated.

So, if you reside anywhere in New York State and never registered as a Democrat but want to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, then you must register as a Democrat before the October 9 deadline.

The IfYouWantBernie website has the necessary information on how to register if you are not already registered as a Democrat. As of this writing, on 10/5/2015, you have 3 2 days left to register.

If you are interested in helping the grassroots effort to elect Bernie Sanders, here are some resources in New York state:

‘New York Really Needs Your Help…’ – Calling for Bernie in NY Resources on Reddit:

If you would like to volunteer by calling voters in NY to inform them about the deadline, and what they need to do, contact Team Bernie NY 

Other resources:

NY Election Code: Registration and Enrollment (s 5-210):
NY Election Code: Change of Enrollment (s 5-304):
NY Board of Elections 2016 Election Calendar
Phone bank:  ‘Call for Bernie‘ tool and similar
2012 New York Times article on far-in-advance primary registration:

2 thoughts on “Not a registered #Dem in #NY and want to #vote for #BernieSanders? You have 2 days to register! | Blog#42”

  1. Thanks for this, and for giving your readers the tools to actually do something about this travesty! As we speak, I am phone banking trying to share this with unaffiliated voters, Greens and Independent Party members. With only 12,000 calls under their belt, NY for Bernie has a long way to go to reach their goal of 40,000.

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