Michigan’s Knollenberg: “I know we can’t fix that. We can’t make an African-American white.” | #Racism on Blog#42

So, Troy, Michigan state Senator Marty Knollenberg says this on camera during an education committee hearing:

“You mentioned these school districts failing, and you mention economically disadvantaged and non-white population are the contributors to that.  I know we can’t fix that.  We can’t make an African-American white.  That’s just, it is what it is,”

After being called on the carpet by numerous organizations and political leaders for making these obviously racist comments, Knollenberg had this to say in his own defense to a reporter when confronted with footage of his racist statement:

“I suppose if they want to spin words around, I suppose they can view it that way, but if you read further into my questioning, I don’t think you would interpret it that way.”

“If they knew me, they would know that I’m not racist at all.”

Sure. You’re not racist like any of the cops who shoot Black young men dead really feared for their lives. You’re not racist like all the politicians who keep talking about Welfare Queens aren’t racist and merely concerned about the Black women’s ability to tug hard on that all mighty boot strap. You’re not racist like those politicians who, at the time, figured putting what would turn out to be millions in jail for what doesn’t amount to a whole lot, isn’t racist but will teach those Blacks a lesson that will straighten them out into a life on the straight and narrow.

Nope! Wishing an entire group of people could be just as smart, edumacated and white as you is not racist in the least.

Well, now that we know you, Senator. Now that we really know you, we finally know what you are. You are a racist.

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