#BernieSanders News Roundup 1-19-1/21/16 | #Blog#42

This is my news roundup for January 19 through 21, 2016.

Hillary Clinton pins ‘establishment’ label on Bernie Sanders

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton on Thursday sought to turn Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “establishment” attack right back on him — saying he served in Washington much longer than she did.

She also attacked his experience and fitness to lead the country, criticizing his suggestion that the U.S. should warm its relationship with Iran.

The Democratic front-runner told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room” that Sanders’ charge that Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign support Clinton because they are all part of the establishment didn’t make sense to her.

“I just don’t understand what that means. He’s been in Congress, he’s been elected to office a lot longer than I have,” Clinton said.

She noted she only served in the Senate for eight years.

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6 thoughts on “#BernieSanders News Roundup 1-19-1/21/16 | #Blog#42”

  1. I learned this:

    Hillary R. Clinton became Secretary of State under Obama and is looking to become U.S. President. Her previous experience includes her work as Monsanto Counsel for the Rose Law Firm.

  2. Rima, I completely agree with you about Krugman – his writings this week have been appalling. It was upsetting enough to have him totally ignore Bernie, but this “Vote for Hillary” campaign of his is beyond the pale. I thought he had integrity, but I can’t help wondering now. Sad. (You’ve seen me post as Kristen Long from Denver.)

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