Southern Voters take note: Bill Clinton doesn’t think you need healthcare | Blog#42

In a speech to 300 voters in New Hampshire, Bill Clinton said he didn’t think Universal healthcare is necessary.

“You can’t offer a healthcare program [if] you don’t know what it costs,” Bill Clinton said. “And we don’t need to do it … just implement the law we’ve got, fix the payment systems and get the drug prices down.”

This election is about what the voters think of the candidates, not former presidents’ opinions. As for not needing universal healthcare? Tell that to 29 million Southerners in Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and other states, who are watching the rest of the country get health coverage while it is being kept from them. For as long as the ACA is at the option of states to adopt, or not, millions of Americans will be kept out. That’s how the law was set up and only a universal healthcare replacement will fix that, not to mention cut out middlemen who are earning billions for absolutely no good reason.

“She’s getting it from the right, she’s getting it from the left,”

“If she were really so weak on Wall Street, would there really be two hedge fund managers setting up two super PACs and spending millions of dollars to attack her? No, they’d be attacking her opponent.”

As for taking Wall Street money, there is no defending the indefensible, no matter how many SuperPACs are working against Hillary. What’s key is public sentiment and not SuperPACs.

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