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Bill Clinton’s surrogacy in Election 2008 turned out to be a yuuge disaster that not only cost Hillary the nomination, but gave the birther movement its start. Eight years later, one would think both Clintons would have learned to lay off of racial dog-whistling, questionable race-related jokes and comments and, given the ascent of a new civil rights movement, show some humility when it comes to their own record. Right?

Wrong. Bill’s latest gaffe is this one, and it comes right on the heels of Hillary smacking Bernie Sanders for wryly laughing at the lies she had just told about him and the NRA in the latest CNN debate:

“One of the few things I really haven’t enjoyed about this primary, I think it’s fine that these young students have been so enthusiastic for her opponent and… sounds so good: ‘Just shoot every third person on Wall Street and everything will be fine,’” … “There are 50,000 fewer people there today, the Dodd-Frank Act is working.”

Well, one can easily argue that the fact that there are 50,000 fewer bankers on Wall Street is due to Dodd-Frank mandated changes that have forced even more consolidation among the big banks and is also hindering regional banks. Surely, right on the heels of the  FDIC and Fed’s reviews of the top banks’ “living wills” that deemed them still too big to fail, this can’t possibly be what he intended to publicly say about the Dodd-Frank Act that his wife touts is sufficient in her counter to Senator Sanders’ calls to Break ‘Em Up?

Most of the news outlets that reported on Clinton’s new gaffe focused on the very poor choice of language exercised by the former president. On the day after his wife and primary candidate chided her opponent for sarcastically laughing at her accusations on guns and the NRA, how odd it is to hear Clinton use such a violent metaphor, especially in jest, in order to characterize his wife’s opponent!

But that’s not all the chaos Bubba hath wrought:

I mean, with all this talk of Hillary wrapping herself tightly around the cloak of Obama’s legacy, uttering “awful legacy of the last eight years” in the same breath as “Bush’ trickle down” is fodder for late-October ads, not to mention throwing poison at her firewall.

So, could Bill Clinton, due to some latent misogyny, be attempting to foil his wife’s bid to become his presidential peer? Just a thought…

Here is one last thing to consider… A big unknown is what the Panama Papers contain that might come back to bite, hard, in October. McClatchy reports on the connection between a slew of Clinton associates, past and present, to the Mossack Fonseca law firm data leak.

“Among them are Gabrielle Fialkoff, finance director for Hillary Clinton’s first campaign for the U.S. Senate; Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate who has traveled the globe with Bill Clinton; the Chagoury family, which pledged $1 billion in projects to the Clinton Global Initiative; and Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng, who was at the center of a Democratic fund-raising scandal when Bill Clinton was president. Also using the Panamanian law firm was the company founded by the late billionaire investor Marc Rich, an international fugitive when Bill Clinton pardoned him in the final hours of his presidency.”

How much hay would either Trump, Cruz, or even Paul Ryan make of this?

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