To My Blog#42 Family: Gratitude

On February 21, I took the plunge and went public with my own precariat story. It took me months of agonizing over whether or not to do it. My primary fear in making such a disclosure was that it would take much away from whatever authoritativeness I had earned through my writings and commentary.

While I received some negative feedback, it has been negligible given the outpouring of love, concern and the generosity of many a stranger who, heretofore, had been completely anonymous to me. Many among those who chose to help however they could have told me how precarious their own lives have been since the start of the Great Recession.

Thanks to all of you for helping me through these difficult times. You not only are helping me survive, but have given me renewed faith in the world around me while giving me much needed encouragement to keep writing and staying true to myself. I will keep going, no matter where this road leads to.

Here’s to better times, for all of us!

With much love and gratitude,

Rima Regas

Message to readers: 

Thanks to your generosity, my family has averted homelessness this week. We are very grateful.

We remain in a very difficult position and we are still at-risk as we are still far from meeting our goal for the GoFundMe campaign to help save my family. Your continued support is very much needed and deeply appreciated.

Thank you.

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