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I’ve been on the receiving end of some rather harsh personal attacks,¬†via email, on Facebook and Twitter, as well as via email and in public postings in reply to my commentary. I’ve also been asked, quite often, whom I will vote for.

This is not about people who disagree with my views. Disagreement is fine. Expressing disagreement here and everywhere else is welcome and encouraged. Oh, and it is free!

Who I vote for, or not, is my business.

My financial status, as expressed by my wealth or lack of it, is not a measure of my intelligence or skill. I’ve received mail from some who had the audacity to ask me why they should believe or trust my writings when, clearly, I am poor…

My writings, unless specifically on a personal topic, are never in the first person. I do this consciously. On the whole, my writings are intended to analyse and join¬†together information from varied, trusted sources. I rarely publish pieces that don’t link to some research study, survey, raw data, or a well-known, established analyst in the popular press or academia.

When I include links in my commentary, I always do so because they are relevant to the discussion at hand and, in my opinion, add value for the perspective offered, as well as the additional sources of information I include.

Some of the criticism I’ve received has included resentment over my ability to post instantly. I was given that right. I never asked for it, nor will I make apologies for making the best use of it I know how. As for promoting myself, I make no excuses for that, either. As a writer, I would be a fool not to use the tools in front of me.

As for resentment over the links I offer? Whatever the source of that displeasure, I can say with 100% certainty that it can’t possibly be due to a lack of freedom of will. My links, by their mere presence, still leave all those who see them with the choice to click or not to click.

The same goes for my fundraising efforts…

As for the racist mail I receive? I’ll keep up my writing and stay in your faces.

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