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There has been a spate of opinion pieces positing that Elizabeth Warren will be asked by Hillary Clinton to run as her VP. As a long-time observer and commenter, I’ve been very dubious about the mere idea. It just doesn’t jibe.

I don’t know whom Warren will side with, but one thing’s for sure. When it comes to superdelegates, her opinions are as strong and solid on the topic, as they are on how banks should be regulated.

Good for all of us and thank you, Senator Warren!

As for Bernie Sanders, he sets the record straight on where things stand in the Democratic primary. Watch:

A related news item from Wisconsin:

Vote At State Democratic Party Convention Was Pushed By Supporters Of Bernie Sanders
Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wisconsin Democrats have passed a resolution on Saturday that calls on the national Democratic Party to either end superdelegates or restrict their ability to back the candidates they choose in presidential primaries.

Superdelegates are Democratic members of Congress, state party leaders and other prominent Democrats.  Under Democratic Party rules that have stood for decades, superdelegates are allowed to pledge their support for the candidate of their choice, regardless of primary election results.

The non-binding resolution approved at the Wisconsin Democratic Party Convention in Green Bay on Saturday calls on the national party to either end superdelegates or divvy them up proportionally.

Click here to read the rest on WPR’s website.

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