Top Phrases I Never Want to Hear From Politicians Again | The Language of Politics on Blog#42

Top Phrases I Never Want to Hear From Politicians Again | The Language of Politics on Blog#42

  1. The <insert any group name here>
    Donald J. Trump’s disgusting way of adding “the” to the name of the group of people he is referring to. It is disrespectful and racist beyond belief.
  2. Make America Great Again
    Donald J. Trump’s motto for this campaign, countered by Hillary Clinton’s retort that we’re already great.

    Unless and until we make reparations for America’s original sins against the native peoples whom we murdered and the African people whom we enslaved, imprisoned and are still murdering, we can never be “great.”

  3. “God-given potential”
    This is a phrase Mrs. Clinton uses every time she talks about racial justice and rebuilding communities that have been blighted, intentionally discriminated against when allocating funds for education and economic development.

    Humans reach their full potential when they are nurtured, loved, and respected. Placing the focus on God, rather than humans, removes some of the onus for rectifying the gross social disparities in our society. We make society unequal, therefore some among us are unable to achieve their full potential.

  4. Invoking Lincoln in the context of things that came out in a WikiLeaks dump…

    Lincoln did say this and, in the context of WikiLeaks, does not flatter: “I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views.” Abraham Lincoln

  5. “Radical Islam,” Islamists, Jihadist and all the other terms that use Islam as a part of a negative label.

    If we are not at war with Islam, then there is no need to use Arabic religious words to label extremists. We certainly don’t use such terminology when we refer to criminals whose religion is one of the Christian denominations. ISIL terrorism or some such descriptor should do. 1.6 billion Muslims (minus ISIS adherents) would be grateful.

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