Trump Speaks: 37 Years of Video And A Changing Speech Pattern | Blog#42

Trump Speaks: 37 Years of Video And A Changing Speech Pattern | Blog#42

Much is being said and written about Donald J. Trump’s personality traits and his manner of speaking. Here are 37 years of footage for you to examine:

“We’re doing a lot of interviews tomorrow — generals, dictators, we have everything,”

Tom Brokaw interview, 1980

Here, Trump talks about what we now know as gentrification, the 1988 presidential race, and on amassing wealth, sings a more politically-correct tune, though he definitely shows a lack of interest in catering to the middle and working classes.

Oprah Winfrey interview, 1988

The Connie Chung interview, 1990

The first part of this video is a segment of his interview with Joan Rivers about the media, followed by Trump’s “disastrous” interview with Connie Chung.

Connie Chung on her 1990 interview of Trump

Megyn Kelly interview, May 2016

According to CBS News, the intelligence community is keeping classified information from President Trump, for fear he might divulge it.

“On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal had reported that U.S. intelligence officials have kept information from Mr. Trump because they feared it could be leaked or compromised.

CIA spokesman Dean Boyd denied Friday that there was a conversation between Pompeo and Mr. Trump about the article.


“The reality is, insiders say, that there has been a “chill” in the information flow. Intelligence sources say the agency is intent on protecting information, and if there are concerns it could be compromised, it will be withheld.”

Why bother briefing a president who has no qualms in telling his audience about incidents that never happened, as the Times reports Trump did on Saturday?

Clearly, President Trump either has a problem synthesizing the information he’s given or he is intent on misinforming the public for some nefarious reason.

People much smarter and more specialized than I, Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and neuropsychologists should be analyzing President Trump’s patterns of speech over nearly 40 years. Something seems to be amiss and it shouldn’t be chalked up to aging. While Donald Trump has been consistent on messaging, he hasn’t been on the manner in which he delivers that message.

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