Random Acts of Kindness In The Age of Trump and #McConnell’s #AHCA | Blog#42

Random Acts of Kindness In The Age of Trump and #McConnell’s #AHCA | Blog#42

I was in line at the pharmacy, waiting to pick up my prescription, when a commotion erupted.

A man in a motorized shopping cart was at the pharmacy check-out and the clerk was explaining to him that his Arizona Medicaid card was no good at a California pharmacy. The man, half crying, half raising his voice, exclaimed, “but I just got out of the emergency room and they told me I could fill this prescription anywhere!” As he gesticulated, his hospital identification armband was visible.

The head pharmacist came out and explained that while the ER is obligated to treat everyone, they’ve taken steps to bill Medicaid programs from out of state. This chain of pharmacies, on the other hand, is not equipped to handle his insurance. The man was visibly in pain and upset. The pharmacist offered to call the hospital to see if they had an outpatient pharmacy and maybe they were also set up to bill his state insurance.

The other checkout line was also being held up due to some kind of issue. The woman who was getting a prescription seemed to have more business than what she was picking up. The line behind me was growing and people were getting restless. The head pharmacist went over to the other patron’s line and a conversation was started. After a few minutes, the pharmacist came back and told the man that an angel donor had paid for his prescriptions. The man’s mouth was wide open, in total disbelief. After a couple more minutes, the clerk handed him his bag. The man started driving his cart away from the registers then stopped. The look on his face was that of a man who just had an epiphany. The cart almost did a wheelie as he turned back. The lady at the other register was finally done and about to start walking away. The man shouts “wait! I need to thank you!” The woman smiled. “I hope you feel better, sir.”

This shopper’s decency and kindness stands in very stark contrast to what we are treated to in our media these days. She also stands in very stark contrast to the negative images our president has been projecting when speaking about America’s immigrant population. The man who couldn’t get his prescription filled is white and obviously of Anglo-Saxon descent. The woman who so generously paid for his prescription seemed to be Chinese or Taiwanese, judging by her thick accent.

Come October, should Congress proceed with its amoral removal of healthcare from 26 million Americans, good samaritans will be in even shorter supply than they are today.

If you have friends or neighbors whose entire news consumption comes from Fox or Breitbart, please share this compilation of Obamacare repeal news. They probably haven’t a clue as to what is about to befall them.

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