Dear #Dems: When Trump Calls For #PoliceBrutality, Where Is The #Resistance? | Blog#42

Dear #Dems: When Trump Calls For #PoliceBrutality, Where Is The #Resistance? 

Case after case of notorious police brutality has ended in heartbreak these last several weeks, with murderer after murderer cop being let off the hook. So, when the President of the United States gets in front of a camera while speaking to hundreds of cops in Long Island and tells them “please don’t be too nice,” where the hell are you, Democrats?

Then, when Long Island police headquarters put out a statement that they don’t condone these sorts of behaviors, when their officers can be heard clapping, hooting and hollering while the president speaks to them, we are reminded precisely why cops can’t be trusted.

But you, Democrats, where have you been on police brutality, not only now that the Republicans have all of government, but during the last few years? When have any of you said Black Lives Matter in one of your fundraising speeches? Speeches on the House or Senate floor? How about outside the Dirksen or Rayburn buildings? DNC headquarters? Where are you? I can’t hear you.

You want us to believe you’ve changed your stripes?

Prove it.

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