Frank Talk About White Supremacy, Snowflakes and… Censoring | #NYT Commentary on Blog#42

Frank Talk About White Supremacy, Snowflakes and… Censoring | #NYT Commentary on Blog#42

I posted a comment on “The Religion of Whiteness Becomes a Suicide Cult,” by Pankaj Mishra. A person who commented after me characterized it as “an exercise in moral panic.” So, I responded.

The comment was removed the following morning. It is obvious from the comment to which I was responding and the sympathetic replies, that someone was offended, first, by the op-ed piece, and then my response. Were they offended enough to complain to have the comment removed? Snowflakes abound these days, so it’s par for the course.

What I object to, however, is the Times censoring speech. As much as it may sting to read, there is nothing untrue or uncivil in what I wrote.

But this is precisely the kind of material our society continues to suppress from public discourse and our education system for fear of offending the white population. It doesn’t matter, of course, that this tack is precisely why we continue to go in cycles of periodic regression to various states of Jim Crow behaviors.

As I explained in my trio of posts on self-soothing by whites, going from right to left, each at his own pace and degree of forcefulness, suppressing frank talk is what keeps us back.


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