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Cable News’ Depiction of Mike Brown | MSM and Ferguson

August 17, 2014

Jesse Williams’ very eloquent thoughts on Mike Brown’s depiction in cable news shows:

I was irritated and distracted as I watched a panel discussion on CNN yesterday. What was the source of my irritation? Continue reading Cable News’ Depiction of Mike Brown | MSM and Ferguson

The Rachel Maddow Show: Koch-backed AG helps hide chemical plant dangers | MSNBC

Wayne Slater, senior political writer for the Dallas Morning News, talks with Rachel Maddow about Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott allowing chemical plants to keep their contents secret, a move that benefits Koch Industries, and a campaign donor.

Continue reading The Rachel Maddow Show: Koch-backed AG helps hide chemical plant dangers | MSNBC

My Takeaway from SCOTUS’ Buffer Zones Decision

By Rima Regas

Various pundits, by now, have weighed in on today’s Supreme Court decision striking down Massachusetts’ buffer zone law for abortion clinics. To be sure, I don’t disagree that this decision will make it much harder for already vulnerable women to get the care they seek. To be sure, this is a blow to women. There is no doubt, were we talking about a buffer zone at clinics where men receive erectile dysfunction treatment, not only would buffer zones be just dandy, but walls would be mandated, for extra protection and privacy.

This unanimous decision implies that when there is a choice between women’s right to privacy or the right of a stranger to tell you about their beliefs, whether you are interested in hearing them or not, you have no right to choose to avoid it. Continue reading My Takeaway from SCOTUS’ Buffer Zones Decision

Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Affirmative Action | ABC News’ This Week

Justice Sotomayor appeared on ABC News’ This Week to speak on Affirmative Action. She rightly points out that the alternatives that have been suggested in the past don’t work.

I agree. Whether or not we end up providing free college education to all doesn’t change the fact that there is rampant race-based discrimination at every point, from college admissions through employment. Making an education available to all Americans doesn’t change what African Americans still endure.


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