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Harry Houck: an exemplar of supremacist indoctrination

A May 19th CNN panel compared the handling of the Waco, Texas biker gang by Texas police, and the media’s depiction of this weekend’s events as compared to the unrest in Baltimore, Maryland, just two weeks earlier. The panel included journalists Charles M. Blow and Sally Kohn, and former law enforcement officer Harry Houck. Later that evening, the same panelists reconvened on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon to reprise the conversation they had earlier with anchor Brooke Baldwin.

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Memories of Ailey’s “Cry”

One of my fondest and most vivid memories of a cultural event is of the original Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater troupe. I saw them when I was ten or eleven. I was lucky enough to be able to finally take my daughter to see them last year. Much to my chagrin, they didn’t perform Cry. I’d shown her the YouTube videos, so she knows what Cry is about. Continue reading Memories of Ailey’s “Cry”