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Current Conservative and Neoliberal View of Muslims? Rapists! | #Racism on Blog#42

As I am wont to do most weekends, I commented on Ross Douthat’s latest column. It was about the rather large influx of Middle Eastern immigrants into Europe, and the rise in the incidence of rape, among other things. Douthat specializes in writing specious pieces that never quite fully go all the way, but are unequivocal enough for readers to see the picture in detail. Continue reading Current Conservative and Neoliberal View of Muslims? Rapists! | #Racism on Blog#42

Ross Douthat: Stopping Campus #Rape | NYTimes

Ross Douthat

IN the debate over sexual violence on college campuses, two things are reasonably clear. First, campus rape is a grave, persistent problem, shadowing rowdy state schools and cozy liberal-arts campuses alike.

Second, nobody — neither anti-rape activists, nor their critics, nor the administrators caught in between — seems to have a clear and compelling idea of what to do about it.

The immediate difficulty is that what many activists want from colleges — a disciplinary process that leads to many more expulsions for sexual assault — is something schools are ill equipped to offer. As Michelle Goldberg acknowledges in a judicious article for The Nation, dealing with serious crimes in a setting that normally handles minor infractions risks a worst-of-both-worlds scenario: a process whose lack of professionalism leaves victims more “devastated than vindicated,” even as its limited protections for the accused lead to endless lawsuits claiming kangaroo-court treatment. Continue reading Ross Douthat: Stopping Campus #Rape | NYTimes