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There are Epilepsy patients for whom medications are not an option. For those patients, alternatives to pharmaceuticals include the Ketogenic Diet. A subset of those for whom the Ketogenic diet offers at least some measurable relief, the addition of a VNS implant can mean effective control of epileptic seizures.

How #VNS Therapy works

VNS is short for vagus nerve stimulation — that is, stimulation of the nerve responsible for relaying messages between the brain and certain parts of the body.

In this way, VNS Therapy helps control the type of brain activity that often leads to seizures —without any brain surgery.

The patient magnet offers additional seizure control for some people. By briefly holding the magnet over the generator when you feel a seizure coming on (or during a seizure), the seizure may be stopped or shortened in duration or intensity. In other situations, the magnet can be used to temporarily stop VNS Therapy stimulation — for example, during public speaking or exercise. If you experience severe or lasting side effects, apply the magnet and contact your doctor.

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