#HillaryClinton Just Went Negative On #BernieSanders. Will She Regret It? | #HillarySoQualified on Blog#42

#HillaryClinton Just Went Negative On #BernieSanders. Will She Regret It?

Hillary Clinton didn’t give a concession speech following her loss in Wisconsin. She did, however, give CNN’s Chris Cuomo an interview the following day.

But as viewers were watching election night results on CNN, they were treated to promise after promise that the campaign against Senator Sanders was going to take a turn for the nasty:


“The Clinton campaign has been watching these Wisconsin results come in, and the delegate race of course is tight there, but the reality is they’re running out of patience. So they’re going to begin deploying a new strategy, it’s going to be called disqualify him, defeat him and then they can unify the party later.”

Not twelve hours later, Hillary Clinton gave her interview to Chris Cuomo on CNN, sounding rather dismissive and derisive of her opponent, emitting what can only be described as inappropriate cackling sounds as a preface to her answers. Sure, compared to Donald Trump, just about anyone sounds prim and proper but that doesn’t mean they’ve maintained decorum. Watch:


Before I get to Senator Sanders’ retort to Clinton’s most personal attack here, here is a relevant exchange between economist and former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, and former Congressman Barney Frank:

To anyone with an ounce of sense: the problem with banks isn’t just the ratio of size to the amount of debt they amass, but also the size of the bank in relation to the number of major banks left in the industry and the number of smaller regional banks they’ve swallowed. What if you were to wake up one fine morning to two major banks? Would it then be OK to worry, or would Frank’s answer remain that it’s about the debt? Ridiculous!

Back to the Clinton campaign’s escalation of hostility against Senator Sanders… Had Clinton’s record with any number of issues been clean as a whistle and her favorability numbers been reversed with Senator Sanders, it would be one thing to mount a negative campaign. But it isn’t and Senator Sanders has begun to show her that two can play this game.

Be careful what you wish for… You just might get it.


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  1. Rima, this is alarming:

    Ashley Madison Atlanta 44 minutes ago

    Some time ago, I was harassed by a commenter who was disturbed by my support for gun control. He and several other male commenters took public postures on my use of birth control and my wish that they pay for it, off topic but published in the comments section. I changed my user name to something less easily identified though still female, if a bit facaeciously so.

    I am disturbed by the ugly tone of supporters of Bernie now. I was glad I changed my user name when Bernie supporters began engaging in character assassination on see pages.

    I call out Rima Regas today for attacking a non Bernie person named Peg and her accusation at this person works for he times. She is but one of many. Her tone, however, was more menacing than most as she detailed the submission time of Peg’s comment while accusing her of a paid job with the times.

    Ugly, Rima. You haven’t even lost yet and already so ugly and personal? You remind me of those faceless men who harassed me about my birth control. Shame on you.

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