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Charles Blow put out a video on his position on the ethics of anonymous sourcing. As a columnist, he probably is less impacted by this conundrum than, say, a hard news reporter would be. That said, in these very strange times we live in, Election 2016, I’m willing to bet that many a columnist has been invited, as Blow discloses here, to all kinds of off-the-record media mixers with the campaign staff of a particular political candidate.

Although Blow doesn’t say which campaign, I would be shocked if it isn’t the Clinton campaign who invited him and, undoubtedly, many others from among his peers to this “mixer.”

After all, ever since last night, we’ve been told over and over again, on CNN, as the Sanders campaign mentions in recent emails, that:

“”The Clinton campaign has been watching these Wisconsin results come in, and the delegate race of course is tight there, but the reality is they’re running out of patience. So they’re going to begin deploying a new strategy, it’s going to be called disqualify him, defeat him and then they can unify the party later.”

Disqualify him, defeat him, and unify the party later.”

Indeed, the campaign to disqualify has already begun. Jonathan Capehart’s WaPo piece criticizing Sanders for nine things he thought he should have known was the first salvo in what is sure to be a hail of anti-Sanders articles. I addressed the breaking up the banks piece of it yesterday and I am now in the process of composing a post debunking the other eight.

On #BreakEmUp, #BernieSanders Is No Nincompoop | #MSM Bias on Blog#42

Dem Primary 2016 is about to get a whole lot dirtier. Watch what you read! Those whom you might have automatically trusted a year ago may no longer be worthy of your trust. Unfortunately, this is as true of the New York Times now, as it is of CNN, MSNBC, and WaPo over the last few years. Online only media has never been iffier. Salon, which had a pretty solid reputation for a long time, as I blogged about yesterday, is now putting out what I consider garbage.

@Salon anti-#BernieSanders piece written by ’08 Clinton staffer @ChrisSosa | #MSM on Blog#42

So, good for Charles Blow that he wouldn’t consider going to that mixer or base his pieces on an anonymous sources. I wish his peers would follow suit.

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