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Chris Sosa wrote a piece for Salon entitled “I’m done with Bernie Sanders: Why this democratic socialist is voting for Hillary Clinton.” There is nothing unusual about people changing their political bents, especially in their youth. The problem? Its author, Chris Sosa, is a  Clinton 08 campaign alum.

From Chris Sosa’s LinkedIn profile:

Area Leader
Hillary Clinton Campaign
July 2007 – February 2008 (8 months)
Participated in organizational campaign conference calls led by Hillary Clinton. Utilized the campaign’s online call-center/database to contact individual voters regarding voter needs and awareness.

Now, it is possible that he might have become a Democratic Socialist after leaving the Clinton campaign’s employ, but… he posted this on Twitter in 2015:


Sosa’s Twitter timeline is full of tweets in which he complains about Sanders supporters harassing him. But, in the words of a former boss, Bernie Bros are like unicorns, we all know what they look like, but no one has actually seen one.

How likely is it he was ever a Democratic Socialist who switched allegiance to Hillary Clinton?  You decide.

The point of this post is to show yet another example of what money in politics is doing to the press. Lies are printed on a fairly regular basis now, by known and obscure personalities alike. Paul Krugman saw phantom ugliness on Senator Sanders’ Twitter timeline. Chris Sosa had a phantom past in which he was a Democratic Socialist.

The New York Times has printed plenty of spurious pieces, and was even caught transforming the original writing of one of its own to fit its anti-Sanders view, all before the eyes of its readership. Salon, Mother Jones, HuffPo, DailyKos and a slew of other publications are rife with anti-Sanders slanted work by people who, when you scratch the surface, have some connection to the Clintons.

But, really, is there is no one at Salon who could do just a little fact-checking? It wasn’t hard to find that photo of Sosa and Chelsea. Oh, and on his Twitter profile, Sosa includes a link to his own blog at Huffington Post. How come his Sanders piece wasn’t posted there? How did he get to have a HuffPo blog of his own? So many questions…

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20 thoughts on “@Salon anti-#BernieSanders piece written by ’08 Clinton staffer @ChrisSosa | #MSM on Blog#42”

    1. It’s always pride that makes you do the very things that bring you down, in the end. Isn’t it? Were it not for that picture, no questions might have been asked…

  1. Rima, I hope you don’t mind but I posted a link to this in the comments on Sosa’s piece on Salon. Thank you for your valuable citizen journalism! I also sent you something via your gofundme link, I wish it could be more, you are a treasure.

    1. Ok, here’s something funny…I found this blog from Salon…2 posts linked to this blog are now gone. Not only them, but the majority of posts in the comments section of the article criticizing Sosa have disappeared as many commenters were noting. Something weird is going on.

        1. Rima, Sosa is calling you a liar over on twitter:
          I guess because his Linkedin profile now includes “volunteer position”:

          Area Leader
          Hillary Clinton Campaign
          July 2007 – February 2008 (8 months)
          Participated in organizational campaign conference calls led by Hillary Clinton. Utilized the campaign’s online call-center/database to contact individual voters regarding voter needs and awareness.
          (*Volunteer position)

          Did he edit after you wrote this? I wouldn’t put it past him since there’s no way in hell he was ever a Democratic Socialist or a Bernie supporter.

          Still, who cares if it was a volunteer position or not, the point is he did not disclose it either way on Salon.
          “Chris Sosa is a New York City-based campaign manager and political commentator. His work focuses on animal and human rights issues. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisSosa.”

          1. Paid or not, Sosa chose to work for a neoliberal, and not a progressive campaign. Money changing hands notwithstanding, work is work, and affiliations are affiliations. Tweeting I didn’t take a dime is a rather weak defense of one’s progressive chops.

        2. Why are there almost no recent commments on the board? Because almost all of them are saying basically the same thing you are and getting deleted. Somebody on Salon is censoring all comments they don’t like by deleting them. You can’t see them because they are set to “display:none” in the HTML. I would reckon at least half the comments have been censored this way. Comments that are not offensive but merely pointing out the obvious that you stated in this blog. You were linked to more than a couple times and those posts are included. Worth looking into?

    1. To be frank, I am more worried about the wall of protection the media has erected around the Clinton campaign, than I am about the hypocrisy. That protection has translated into both a heavy amount of biased reporting and selective reporting of news, leaving people misinformed.

      1. Plus a heavy number of campaign activists misrepresenting themselves as either neutral or from the Bernie camp like this one. Many have appeared on cable news shows without this being revealed.

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