Something Made Me Think About Eric Garner Today And I Cried | #BlackLivesMatter on Blog#42

Sometimes, witnessing a simple exchange between strangers can unleash a flood of emotions. That is what happened to me today as I stood outside a grocery store.

Two women walked out of the store and hurried past inbound customers to catch up with a woman who was outside, having a cigarette. As they approached her, I saw that one of the ladies had something in her raised hand.

“Ma’am, we came here to buy cigarettes but they don’t sell them at this store and we ended up enjoying the wine tasting.” She then giggled. “We’re dying for a smoke. Would you sell us three cigarettes for four dollars? Please?”

The lady looked up at them with a look of surprise, then smiled as she said “sure!” Money and cigarettes exchanged, the three women parted ways.

And all I could do, as my eyes welled up with tears, was think about Eric Garner.

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