My Jewish Half Will Register as Muslim, in Solidarity with My Arabic Half | Blog#42

My Jewish Half Will Register as Muslim, in Solidarity with My Arabic Half

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt is calling for Jews to register as Muslims, should the incoming Trump administration institute a Muslim registry.

How would I be regarded by my own government, were such a registry to become law? I was born in our nation’s capital to a Jewish mother and an Arabic father. My maternal grandmother is a French Jew and my grandfather was an original Caucasian, from the Caucasus mountains. I am agnostic, but although I identify as Jew, am considered by each of my tribes as one of their own.

I know what I will do. I won’t hide behind my mama’s skirts. From this day forward, I will no longer check the White/Caucasian box on government and other forms. I consider this a formality, as in my 54 years, few are those who ever took a look at me and immediately identified me as white anyway, and that includes family.

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If and when that day comes, I will do as Greenblatt suggests and register as Muslim. In the meantime, I will continue as I have these past four years, and will keep writing about the truth as I see it.

Few are those in our politics  who haven’t played the race card this election, and that includes the media playing along with their favorite candidate. I will keep calling out and exposing those who engage in or facilitate racism for the neoliberal and neoconservative greedy, racist bastards they are.

5 thoughts on “My Jewish Half Will Register as Muslim, in Solidarity with My Arabic Half | Blog#42”

      1. This idea needs to be circulated beyond your blog (with all due respect). It’s the kind of creative response that could snarl the machinery of oppression, and with minimal risk if enough people are ready to step up.

        1. I agree with you.

          It made the rounds all last week in the Jewish papers and other online media. That is what inspired my blog post and why I chose to post in in NYT comments and in all the places I frequent in social media.

          1. Good. I also heard about a Ban Bannon postcard day coming up. Simple actions like these can be very powerful with enough numbers.

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