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How quickly those conservatives cave! Not even a day after Trump signed an executive order banning Muslims from specific countries and setting a preference for Christians from Arab nations – their numbers amount to less than 1% of refugees who apply to come here – Paul Ryan asserts that Trump’s order isn’t a ban on Muslims.

“Speaker Paul Ryan‘s (R-Wis.) office said Saturday that President Trump’s executive order limiting immigration from several Muslim-majority countries does not target Muslims.

“This is not a religious test and it is not a ban on people of any religion,” AshLee Strong told The Washington Post.

Several congressional aides also told the newspaper that the new immigration directive does not seek to single out a preference for Christians, with restrictions mainly focusing on areas with terrorism.”

President Trump’s executive order spells out explicitly who is permitted entry and who is not. In a different article, the Washington Post reminds us about “That time Paul Ryan gave a succinct, near-perfect response to Trump’s call to ban Muslims.”

Come again, Mr. Speaker?

Ryan thinks he and President Trump found the perfect way out, declaring Trump’s executive order “not a ban on Muslims.”

But it is a ban on Muslims and the consequences of this action will be no different than the turning away the St. Louis in 1939, with 1000 Jews aboard. That action resulted in the deaths of 250 Jews who were returned to Europe, into Nazi hands.

There is no excuse. We know what happened in 1939 and we know what will happen now.

A registry of Muslims living in the United States can’t be too far behind. When such a thing is ordered by President Trump, please join me in registering, not matter whether you’re Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Jewish or a Muslim: register with me!

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